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A Hobbit-style apartment building rises in Japan

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Green roofs for days

wavy, green roof apartment complex in Japan All photos via Designboom

If hobbit homes were conceived as apartment complexes, they’d look like this new project completed in Takamatsu, Japan by architect Keita Nagata. Built over two and a half years, the five-unit building follows the mountainside site’s hilly terrain, piling one residence over another like a wave of green tea roll cakes.

Like other impressive green roofs, the one on the “Greendo” apartment building also boasts sustainability cred, primarily through providing thermal insulation and stabilizing internal temperatures. Arched door entrances located on one side of the building open up to subdued living spaces inside, with large glass walls overlooking the vegetated spaces. It’s all pretty unorthodox, but hey, giving each unit its own private front yard seems like a major win.

Via: Designboom