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The European Union just got a massive new office

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With a glowing orb inside of it

Large glass atrium with a glowing orb inside is attached to a traditional building.
The new office is connected to the previous building by a footbridge.
Photos via Dezeen

The European Union just got a new office space in Brussels to make room for new member states—and it’s nothing short of extraordinary. Designed by Belgian studio Samyn and Partners along with Italian firm Studio Valle and British consultancy Buro Happold Engineers, the headquarters, located just a footbridge away from the EU’s original meeting place at the Justus Lipsius building, features a massive glass atrium and an orb-like structure within it that forms an extension of an existing building that was formerly known as the Residence Palace, or Europa building.

The addition’s facade is made up of a “patchwork” of 3,750 recycled window frames salvaged from renovation or demolition sites all over Europe and rather resembles a network of scaffolding. Within these insulated glass walls is a hot air balloon-like chamber—also clad in glass—that features 11 circular floors fulfilling a variety of uses. The energy-conscious building also includes solar panels on its roof.

Despite the sleekness of the structure, vibrant color makes its way throughout the space courtesy of Belgian artist Georges Meurant, who created carpets and friezes patterned with bright rainbow-colored blocks. The new headquarters will open its doors in January after a several-year delay. Head to Dezeen for more.

Via: Dezeen