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200 tiny house rentals planned for Colorado mountain town

The 19-acre development would be the largest of its kind in the country

exterior of a tiny house Sprout Tiny Homes/Facebook

Tiny homes have a notoriously fraught relationship with zoning laws and building codes, but in one American town at least, all of that is about to change. Salida, Colorado, just approved a new housing development composed almost entirely of tiny houses. Some 200 wee rental homes will occupy the 19-acre site, making it the largest tiny house community in the country.

Developed by Sprout Tiny Homes, the Riverview at Cleora is planned to accommodate some of the area’s seasonal outdoor visitors, who flock to Salida for mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and hiking. The town currently doesn’t have enough rentals even for long-term stays, and the town hopes this development will remove some of the housing pressure.

Sprout Tiny Homes

But it might just attract a whole new cohort of visitors interested in experiencing life in a tiny-home community. The plan for Riverview at Cleora includes not only 200 tiny homes built on foundations (rather than the typical trailer), but also a clubhouse with a large kitchen, an on-site gym, restaurant, and 96 storage units. Sprout Tint Homes also hopes to build trails and parks in the development.

Monthly rents will be between $700 and $1450—a decent price in a town where the average rental costs $1,400. About 12 percent of the homes will be reserved for local workers at a reduced rate.

Via: Treehugger