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New bike rack offers small-space storage solution

This could solve a lot of headaches

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The Parkis bike lift system.
Courtesy of Parkis

Urban dwellers know the frustrations of bicycle ownership all too well: while a bike can be the perfect option for navigating cities, storing it in a small apartment can be damn near impossible. Fortunately, a new Kickstarter campaign has developed a vertical bike parking system that saves space and takes the hassle out of hanging bikes.

Called Parkis, the system lets users place the front wheel in a locking mechanism that raises the bike without requiring physical force. The system can be used with most bikes (check out the specifications, over here), and can save up to 40 percent more space than other bike hanging systems.

The best part is that the Parkis doesn’t require any bike lifting, making it accessible to kids or the elderly. It comes in two color options, an original yellow coloring and a “luxury” metallic coloring. While early-bird pricing on the Parkis Kickstarter campaign is €239 (about $249), it’s expected to retail for €359 ($375). The first Parkis systems are expected to ship in March 2017.