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Airy modern prefab cabin was built for $80,000

And assembled in 10 days

prefab house in a Moscow suburb All photos courtesy BIO Architects

DublDom, a series of affordable prefab homes from Moscow firm Bio Architects, has unveiled its latest project. Clocking in at 1,184 square feet, this single-level woodland residence represents a larger home in the DublDom line up, which currently offers models ranging from 280 square feet to 1,400 square feet, for costs of between $23,000 and $100,000. This one came in at five million rubles, or about $80,000, with finishing, electricity, and engineering systems included.

Designed for a young couple who had already completed a year-long test drive in a 430-square-foot DublDom, this new larger build has been conceived as a family home big enough for children. To keep costs low, the houses uses simple materials like metal, barn board, and glass, while the entire interior is made of solid pine painted in white.

The airy space marked by exposed beams and large glass walls is reminiscent of midcentury post and beams, but sleek, discreet cabinets and large skylights add some contemporary appeal. The home also comes with a combined 670 square feet worth of terraces and verandas.

All the modules were prefabricated in Kazan, a city in southwest Russia, and assembled on site in 10 days. Intrigued? DublDom recently started accepting U.S. pre-orders.

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