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Creator of 'one square meter' house to build a Tinyhouse University in Berlin

Tinyhouse University will be a makeshift research center

Image of a large wall with graffiti in a overgrown lot and a tiny house being carried on the back of a man.
Van Bo Le-Mentzel developed the One SQM House in 2011. The Berlin-based architect is now hoping to create a village of tiny structures.
Photos via Designboom

Remember the One SQM House, the portable self tiny house that measures a mere one square meters, or approximately 10.8 square feet? Its creator, Berlin-based Laotion-German architect and designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel, has continued to develop small-scale structures, and his latest project is the Tinyhouse University, a “post migrant education project” that seeks open-source and creative solutions for both static and temporary housing.

Working with Bauhaus Campus Berlin, Bauhaus Archive/Museum of Design, Zukunftsgeräusche, and Kiron Open Higher Education, Tinyhouse University has put out a call to innovators in the fields of design, technology, and education to help build a temporary village comprising tiny houses on wheels in the gardens of the Bauhaus Archive.

The project is slated to begin in March 2017. The village will act as a makeshift research center that will explore new ways of understanding the changing ideas of democracy, sustainability, society, and education. The venture kicked off last month with the completion of Tiny100, a tiny house measuring just 6.4 square meters, or 69 square feet, that would cost only €100.

The call for tiny houses for Tinyhouse University.
Image via Bauhaus Campus
Photos via Designboom

Via: Designboom