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Head-turning ‘Acute House’ is shaped like a wedge

Existing materials from a Victorian cottage on the site were reused in this quirky design

wedge-shaped house All photos by Nic Granleese via Oof! Architecture

Melbourne’s riding a mini wave of chic, modern additions to existing Victorian homes. But this wedge-shaped abode might just take the cake.

Designed by Australian firm Oof! Architecture, the charmingly odd Acute House was built on a tricky triangular lot with a footprint of just 516 square feet, where previously stood an aging Victorian home. The architects liked the look of the existing house, so they incorporated it into the new design.

During demolition, the older home was carefully dismantled and its pieces salvaged and labeled. Everything from the siding to the fence pickets, door knobs, and vents was reinstalled as part of the new structure.

In spite of these reused Victorian elements, the three-story home is decidedly modern. The stark black facade and vertical panels of the main volume contrast beautifully with the white horizontal siding and traditional elements taken from the older building. Inside, pale wood paneling and lime green accents pervade the 1,550-square-foot home, which includes a master suite, two additional bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, and lounge. There’s even a small balcony in the “point” of the top floor.

The home pre-renovation

Via: Inhabitat