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Turner Prize-winning architects Assemble to sell their famous studio

The building embodies the studio’s work on temporary installations

gabled house with pastel scale facade All photos via The Modern House

Designed by the Turner Prize-winning architecture collective Assemble, this multi-hued modern, modular structure has served as the group’s studio since 2014. Known for creating temporary, human-centered installations, the firm created the Yardhouse building in part to demonstrate the potential of temporary workspaces that are installed on otherwise unused lots and later taken down and reassembled elsewhere.

The open, warehouse-like building has a two-story timber frame covered with an off-the-shelf insulation system and a facade of custom-colored concrete tiles. The famous pastel cladding has featured as the backdrop of many an Instagram photo.

Assemble configured the roughly 2,690 square feet of space with partitioned studios along the walls and an open two-story atrium in the center. However, the structure could easily be refitted for other uses. Currently stored offsite, the building doesn’t come with any land, though the seller can help arrange transportation and re-assembly of the parts. Earlier this month, the property hopped on the market asking £.150,000 (roughly $184,944), and is apparently now already under offer.

Another of Assemble’s high-profile projects, the Granby Houses, have lately made headlines for hitting the market with an anti-gentrification clause. Assemble’s work on the Granby renovations earned them the honor of becoming the first architects to win the Turner Prize.

Via: The Spaces, The Modern House