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New York, London, Tokyo get sinister, surrealist spin in new photo series

It’s the work of Turkish photographer Murat Germen

“New York #03” is one of several warped cityscapes in photographer Murat Germen’s series, Muta-Morphosis.
Photos by Murat Germen via Designboom

Good architectural photography is transporting—and for a lot cheaper than the price of a plane ticket. But the best goes beyond documentation and gets us to think critically about the built environment.

In a series of panoramic photographs of global cities, entitled Muta-Morphosis, Germen embraced the kinds of glitches that anyone who’s taken a panorama on their iPhone knows well: warping, odd perspectives, and compressed forms.

In a piece for Designboom, Germen says the project is a commentary on gentrification and the way cities change because of the influence of money. It makes sense, then, that New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Brussels, centers of world financial power, are featured, alongside a few other cities.

Whether or not you buy into the concept, the photographs themselves have an alluring eeriness, turning the cities we know and love from postcard-style metropolises to something more sinister.

“Singapore #02”
“Tokyo #01”
“Hong Kong #03”
“London #14”

Via: Designboom