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Construction-themed amusement park is an aspiring builders' dream

A New Jersey attraction takes playing in the sandbox to new heights

A child at one of the attractions at Diggerland USA.
Courtesy of Diggerland USA

Heavy machinery—think excavators, dump trucks, asphalt rollers, and skid-steers—is usually off limits to children, but not at a 14-acre New Jersey theme park that opened in 2014. Located in West Berlin, about 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from New York City, Diggerland is a construction-themed amusement park filled with rides built using real, JCB construction equipment.

Instead of a traditional rollercoaster, kids can dig up treasure using an excavator or navigate mini loader trucks, dump trucks, and Land Rovers through obstacle courses. In total, there are over two dozen attractions, and equipment has been modified so that guests as small as 36 inches can operate backhoes and dig giant holes.

It’s a dream for children who love construction or building, and let’s be frank—it’s pretty awesome for adults too. The New Jersey version is based on four other Diggerlands in the United Kingdom, and it’s currently the only construction-themed park for kids (Dig This in Las Vegas is for adults).

Beyond inspiring future architects, engineers, and urban planners, Diggerland is also more reasonably priced than many amusement parks. A single day ticket starts at $24.95 and you can head over here to read about height requirements for the different attractions.

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Take a look at the Diggerland map:

And here are some of the rides:

The groundshuttle ride.
Diggerland USA
The diggers at Diggerland.
Diggerland USA


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