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Beijing factory becomes artist’s live-work space in sleek conversion

What a space!

Light streams into the converted factory-turned-home and workspace of a Beijing-based artist.
Photos by Sun Haitung via Designboom

Former industrial buildings are a much loved target of conversions for modern purposes, as they generally come with the kinds of wide open spaces all the rage in contemporary residential interiors.

In Beijing, an artist commissioned local firm Officeproject to whip one such former factory into shape, creating a bright, airy live-work space that makes use of the structure’s original skylights, exposed-steel trusses, and high, gabled ceilings, which clock in at nearly 20 feet tall.

With living quarters in a new, upper-level addition to the 12,916-square-foot (1,200-square-meter) structure, and exhibition space below in the old factory, it’s a sleek, convenient set-up for the artist, whose work is influenced by a mix of traditional Chinese and Western forms of art.

Take a look around.

Via: Designboom