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5 charming cabins and bungalows offering peace and escape

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House Calls’ best retreats, whether in the city or the country

Photo of front of a simple gable-roofed cabin, one half painted in teal, with the other half tinted with a natural color, recessed and featuring a porch with steps.
Can you believe that this adorable, 502-square-foot cabin is a prefab?
Photo by Mark Wickens

Whether a weekend getaway or an oasis in the city, small cabins and bungalows charm with their simple construction and cozy-making capabilities. As we look back at some of our favorite home visits from House Calls’ inaugural year, we’ve rounded up five lovely dwellings from New York to Nashville that may be short on square-footage but generous when it comes to offering that rare commodity: peace and comfort.

A neglected house becomes a home in the Hudson Valley

Nepal Asatthawasi and Chris Mottalini found this old stone house through an auction and spent a year bringing it back to life. Photos by Mottalini.

With revamp, an old Tudor learns new tricks in Nashville

Rick and Suellen Stringer-Hye renovated their 1,600-square-foot Nashville bungalow after nearly two decades of living there, adding an extension that more than doubled the home’s square footage. Photos by Gieves Anderson.

A tiny cabin in an all-American town offers a designer respite

The picturesque prefab cabin of homeware designer Bridie Picot in Narrowsburg in the Catskills is just three hours from her weekday pad in Brooklyn. Photos by Mark Wickens.

A Weaver's Small But Vivacious Bungalow in St. Paul

Photo by Wing Ta

Mandi Smethells, a weaver, shares this adorable, 1,500-square-foot 1920s Craftsman bungalow with her husband Jack and four-year-old daughter Madeline in St. Paul. Photos by Wing Ta.

A furniture designer turns an ailing midcentury cabin into a family abode

Photo by Ball & Albanese

Furniture designer Ben Erickson found a country weekend retreat for his family in Montague Township, New Jersey, just a two-hour drive from their Brooklyn apartment. Photos by Ball & Albanese.