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‘Beyoncé tower’ breaks ground in Melbourne

The $315 million tower inspired by Beyoncé’s music video for “Ghost” is expected to complete in 2020

Elenberg Fraser

The fabric-wrapped curves seen in Beyoncé music video for "Ghost“ will soon be enshrined in a 79-story skyscraper in downtown Melbourne. Designed by Aussie firm Elenberg Fraser, the undulating mixed-use tower features precise contours created through computer-aided parametric modeling.

First unveiled in summer 2015, the design is expected to wrap construction in 2020. When finished, the $315 million structure will house 796 apartments and 187 hotel rooms in addition to restaurant and retail space.

The wee size of the building’s smallest apartments—measuring just 440 square feet—would be almost 100 square feet less than the minimum required by state regulations. While many have criticized the tiny abodes, several officials have argued that the building offers a good mix of housing options. Stay tuned.

Via: Construction Dive