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This 1960s grocery store looks like a set straight out of a zombie movie

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Palace Grocery operated in Santa Fe for over 40 years

The interior of an old-fashioned general store featuring turquoise-painted display cases and shelves, raw concrete floor, fluorescent lights, and a deli case.
A few products still line the shelves, even though the store closed in 2007.
Photos via Estately

We’ve come across our fair share of ravishing midcentury modern homes, but retail spaces? Not so many—that is, until now. The former Palace Grocery in Santa Fe, New Mexico is up for sale, and it’s like something straight out of a zombie movie set.

Built in the 1960s by Meliton and Yolanda Vigil, the 1,693-square-foot market operated for over 40 years until Yolanda’s death in 2007, according to Sotheby’s, adapting with the times, first by selling pantry staples, then acting as a convenience store in later years. It is said that Yolanda hand-made frito pies every day for her customers.

Furnished with what appears to be original shelves and fixtures, the time capsule-like grocery features turquoise display cases and trim on its doors, window dressings, and porch, and other period details like vintage deli cases, cash register, and signage. A few products sparsely line the shelves, while a shopping cart filled with goods stands as if abandoned suddenly by its keeper.

For those looking to stage an immersive theater experience, or an afore-mentioned zombie movie—or simply to set up a quaint general goods store, the C-2 zoned property is available for $525,000.

Via: Estately