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See the stunning transformation of a 150-year-old Brooklyn warehouse

West Elm is the first tenant to occupy the redeveloped building

A coffee warehouse in Dumbo that was abandoned for 60 years has been transformed into 500,000 square feet of commercial space with stunning views over the East River.

The 150-year-old warehouse, now known as Empire Stores, used to store coffee, until re-zoning laws in the 1950s left it vacant and derelict. Restoration began in 2013 when Midtown Equities won a bid to redevelop the building into an office and commercial space.

Touches of the old warehouse still remain, but the renovation has left it open for new purposes. Furniture store West Elm became the first tenant to occupy the space when they set up shop in August 2016. The company has signed on for almost 150,000 square feet of space for retail—its 100th store—and its corporate headquarters.

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