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Clever shipping container hostel opens in Vietnam

Built with repurposed shipping containers and old shutters and windows, Ccasa Hostel blends character and style

shipping container hostel Photos by Quang Tran

Cheap, stackable, and human-scale, shipping containers practically beg to be transformed into quirky, industrial abodes. And though they aren’t some architectural cure-all, shipping containers can be put to many a good use. Just look at this delightfully airy hostel in Nha Trang, Vietnam which repurposed the containers into bunk rooms connected by open-air walkways.

Designed by TAK architects, Ccasa Hostel makes the most out of limited materials. In addition to three shipping containers and sky bridges, the structure includes a steel frame, brise soleil made of baskets, recycled wooden shutters, and a rooftop play area made of suspended rope nets.

The hostel’s open layout was inspired by traditional courtyard-style homes in Vietnam. The majority of the space is communal, with a large shared kitchen and lounge area on the ground floor and an expansive rooftop terrace above. The shared bedrooms take up comparatively little space and are filled with bunk beds.

Interior greenery—including climbing vines and trees rising three stories from the courtyard floor—give the space a natural feel and enhance the airy effect of the outdoor walkways.

Via: Treehugger, Arch Daily