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John Portman’s neo-futuristic buildings

The architectural gems are a Hollywood favorite

Architect John Portman reinvented hotel design when he created the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta in 1967. The neo-futuristic was the first ever atrium hotel, featuring a 22-story atrium lined with balconies that looked out over the lobby and glass elevators. The style and form became a hallmark of Portman’s work, which often looks like it came right out of a sci-fi movie—in fact, his buildings are known to have inspired the city design in RoboCop, and they’ve appeared in the Hunger Games, Mission Impossible III, Interstellar, Presumed Innocent, Grosse Point Blank, and more.

Portman’s buildings feature dramatic atria and cinematic interiors. Atlanta’s Marriott Marquis is one of the architect’s most famous works. The design expands on that of the Hyatt Regency, featuring a soaring atrium that spans the entire height of the building. When it opened in 1985, it was the tallest atrium in the world.