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The most outlandish homes for sale in 2016

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13 of the big, the bad, and the plain ugly

A large, fake shark sticks out of the roof of a normal-looking brick row house.
This shark seems to be confused.
Photo via Connells

For every covetable midcentury modern home on the market, there’s a dozen or so (at least) outlandish houses up for sale, too. To commemorate the end of 2016, here are 13—how shall we put it—unique residences that actually went on the market in search of a buyer. From anatomy-shaped to too-on-the-nose to simply confounding, these properties prove that in many cases, money can’t buy taste. Although, sometimes, it can buy a little humor.

New Mexico house camouflages into limestone surroundings

Photos via Estately

Once you find it, you’ll be let down that the interiors are way too normal.

In England, a genuine luxury hobbit hole

Photos via Wm Sykes & Son

A hobbit house actually sounds kind of fun.

In Oregon, a very boat-themed house

Photos via Estately

If you’re gonna make it look like a boat you might as well make it a boat.

This Ohio house is like a mansion crossed with a jungle gym

Photos via Zillow

What even is going on here?

An Oklahoma house built ‘in the shape of a fishing reel’

Designed for the founder of a fishing reel company, it is a pretty rad house, considering.

Rent an Oxford house with a giant shark sticking out of the roof

Photos via Connells

Not for sale, but also not bad-looking inside for a joke house. Lovely greenhouse.

'Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal' proclaims Reno house

Photos via Zillow

There is a lot going on here, especially on the ceilings. (Also, of course it’s in Reno.)

Salt Lake City mansion has a bowling alley in the living room

Photos via Zillow

Cool waterfall. Cool artwork. Could almost be a classy residence.

Texas mansion has a waterpark in the backyard

Photos via Ebby

Just gonna lift this from the original post: “It’s the mullet of mansions: business in the front, party in the back”

This Las Vegas house has the best nuclear bunker of all time

Is this for real?

In California, a ‘Medieval-inspired’ house with adorable turret

Photos via Zillow

It’s got to take some serious guts to be able to pull off a monstrosity like this.

Phallus-shaped Australian house was apparently designed like that on purpose

Photos via Domain

Not bad for a house meant to look like a private part.

Eclectic Vermont castle is perfect for the modern Merlin

Photos via Estately

You’re calling this a castle?

Tom Ford’s Tadao Ando-designed ranch in New Mexico

Bonus palate cleanser: Here’s an extraordinary, actually-thoughtfully-designed estate that might be worth its ridiculous price tag of (reportedly) $75,000,000.