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Cool new Swiss clock 'etches' time in 3D

Now you see what time it is, now you don’t

A small square, grey frame standing on a table with the time ‘etched’ into the surface in digital numbers.
Photos via Design Milk

We’ve got analog clocks, sundials, digital ones, great grandfathers, and smart watches—just to name but a few categories of timepieces—but have you ever seen a clock that etches time in, well, real-time?

From the country that might as well be the authority on all things time-related is 42 Foundry’s ETCH Clock, an object that tells time by rendering it physically through a smooth, grey-colored elastic membrane and patent-pending technology that produces “3D digital numbers” that appear to engraved on the face of the clock then all but disappear moments later.

The time is displayed two ways and set by an app: every 30 seconds, or every 30 seconds only in response to ambient sound. Encased in a minimalist aluminum frame—and resembling a very sleek chalkboard—ETCH can either be wall-mounted or set on a surface by attaching a base. Intrigued? An early bird version is available for 1,400 Swiss Francs, or about $1,368.

See ETCH in action in the short video below. Do you believe your eyes?

Via: Design Milk