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Curbed’s most popular stories of 2016

Good stuff you might have missed

midcentury palm springs house Photo via TTK

From our February relaunch to big multimedia packages like “Starter Homes 'R' Us” and “10 Streets That Define America,” it’s been a jam-packed year on Curbed. In the midst of it all, some stories found particular popularity among readers. If this list of the year’s most-read stories is any indication, then it’s clear people will never get tired of gorgeous, expensive, or otherwise exceptional real estate. Hear hear! Lots more where that came from in 2017.

For the sake of variety, this roundup only includes stories published in 2016 (though plenty of eyes continue to turn to our regularly updated guides to tiny houses and prefab homes ready to order, as well as to one very special Indiana house.)

Here we go!

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

↑ 10. Welcome to Disturbia

In this Curbed feature, writer Amanda Kolson Hurley explores why midcentury Americans believed the suburbs were making them sick, unpacking a raft of books about suburban life published in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

An exterior view of the two-story Kirkpatrick House showing a wall of windows and a flat roof overhanging the structure. Photography by Paul Barbera

↑ 9. Beautifully restored George Nelson home includes original furniture for $450K

This 1955 design is a true modernist gem—the pictures tell all.

THWL-1 Handcrafted Movement

↑ 8. 5 Tiny Houses We Loved This Week: From the Ultra-Trendy to the Off-Grid

Surprise, people are still interested in tiny houses, so we started recapping noteworthy tiny house news and projects. The one pictured above, the “Artisan Retreat” from Handcrafted Movement, is definitely Pinterest-ready.


↑ 7. Self-driving buses are now on the road in Helsinki

It was a big year for autonomous vehicles, and Helsinki’s electric-powered driverless bus pilot project caught everyone’s attention.


↑ 6. Map: The 25 most expensive homes for sale in the U.S. right now

First published in spring and later updated in fall, this map of the priciest homes for sale in the U.S. covers multi-million-dollar estates, penthouses, ranches, and more—and tracked the fate of one Playboy Mansion.

Parking Lot Diaries Parking Lot Diaries

↑ 5. 101 small ways you can improve your city

In a generally tumultuous year for the country and the world, this list focuses on the helpful things you can start doing for your community, right here right now.

↑ 4. Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Palm Springs midcentury is on the market for $969K

R.I.P. Zsa Zsa :( Also she had excellent taste in houses.

↑ 3. Rare Frank Lloyd Wright house goes on market for first time ever

Frank Lloyd Wright! Original furniture! On the market for the first time! Need we say more? Anyway, this was a great year to buy a Frank Lloyd Wright house simply because there were just so many for sale.


↑ 2. Marshawn Lynch's Bay Area mansion is the most lavish NFL player house

In honor of Super Bowl 50, we held a tournament of fancy NFL player houses. Former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who announced his retirement the day of the game, won with his swanky waterfront home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A rendering of what a Solar Roadways-covered highway would look like. Solar Roadways

↑ 1. U.S.’s first public solar road will roll out on Route 66

Roads paved with energy-generating solar panels? The future is now and that’s exciting.