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Hot pink pool villas burst onto mountain scene

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By South Korea’s resident visionary Moon Hoon

Exterior of a bright-pink painted house with pool terrace and angled lines.
The Miryang Pool Villa has one duplex and three single-level homes.
Photos by Face Studio via Designboom

South Korean provocateur Moon Hoon appears to be busy as of late. Besides designing Pinocchio-themed museums, he’s also been dabbling in pink projects. Four side-by-side villas painted in an oh-so vibrant shade of pink have risen on a rural site between the cities of Miryang and Ulsan, each with a pool and a unique, geometric configuration.

Dubbed the Miryang Pool Villa, the complex features one duplex and three single level dwellings with glazed walls that face the lush mountains in which they are ensconced. Each pool (all different sizes) is outlined by a collection of small pebbles.

As privacy for each unit was one of the client’s biggest concerns, the architect paid close attention to the heights of boundary walls as well as to the duplex’s upper floor, angling it away from the lower homes so as to prevent them from feeling as if being watched. Inside, the interiors are simple and painted in white. Hoon’s project drawing, below, sheds more insight into his design process. You’ll notice that the duplex also features a cascading outdoor shower.

A project drawing by Moon Hoon.

Via: Designboom