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Barn, transformed, becomes gorgeous rustic home in Pacific Northwest

This is a real gem

A dog sits in the doorway of a converted barn, facing away from the viewer and looking out a green, forested landscape.

With December upon us, it’s officially cabin season in the country’s colder climes, from the northeast to the snowy mountain states and beyond. In Washington state, Seattle firm MW Works Architecture created a woodsy retreat for a client with kids: a retreat hewn from the gorgeous bones of a gabled barn built in the early 20th century.

Clocking in at 3,875 square feet, the structure, now named the Canyon Barn, pretty much needed a total overhaul to be livable, including the addition of insulation and a remodel of the exterior, which featured weathered cladding that, according to Dezeen, was beyond salvaging. One silver lining there: replacing the facades meant a chance to add the broad windows that let sunlight in and frame views of the surrounding dramatic landscape.

The architects did, though, do their best to retain as many original elements as possible, and the exposed-timber framing takes center stage. The ground-level common space, with its double-height ceilings, feel more modern than their age, while more private rooms on the first and upper floors are more intimately scaled.

This isn’t the first time a project by MW Works has had us swooning: In March, we wrote about the firm’s award-winning, 1,100-square-foot Little House, overlooking Washington state’s Hood Canal.

Via: Dezeen