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$150K tiny house with motorized furniture is next level

When downsizing definitely does not equal downgrading

tiny house with furnishings on motorized platform Screen shot via Tiny House Listings/Youtube

If you thought a $95,000 tiny home with a custom deck and jacuzzi tub would be the certain crème de la crème of tiny house land, think again. This “rustic chic” build Portland-based luxury tiny house specialists Tiny Heirloom combines traditional “vintage glam” looks with high-end, contemporary touches that command a hefty premium.

We first came across the 200-square-foot home over the summer, but a new video tour reveals just how tricked out it is. The centerpiece of the home is a motorized wooden platform that embeds a bed, bench seats, table, and stairs, all of which can be independently controlled at the flick of a switch. The steps lead to a small living area by a circular window.

According to New Atlas, this tiny house set back its $150,000—an eye-watering but certainly not inconceivable sum considering all of the other luxe features, such as recessed lighting, skylights, marble countertops, and clawfoot tub with a living wall.

Via: New Atlas