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Dreamy seaside cottage in Norway was built from trees on site

The simple 645-square-foot cabin was almost entirely built by the owners

cottage in Norway Photos by Pasi Aalto for TYIN Tegnestue

DIY-ing your own home is not for the faint of heart. Over three years, the intrepid owners of this fabulous Norwegian retreat performed much of the construction work themselves. The home’s untreated spruce exterior was even milled from trees cut on site. This hands-on, nature-centered ethos carries through in the home’s design, conceived by the occasionally controversial Norwegian firm TYIN Tegnestue Architects.

The orientation and layout of the house was carefully considered to emphasize its connection to the surrounding landscape of sea, marsh, and hills. The weathering exterior is intended to age over time, eventually blending in with the rugged terrain it rests upon.

Inside, strategically placed windows offer stunning views from nearly every point in the 645-square-foot home, bathtub included. Warm wood panelling throughout the interior creates the feel of a homey shelter in the wilderness.

To create a greater feeling of distinct spaces in such a small home, the architects used differences in height, sinking the second bedroom below the main level while lofting a reading area above it. Smaller furniture pieces and sparse decoration also help create an airy effect.

The home’s small footprint does have its advantages—namely a smaller environmental impact and more sustainable energy consumption.

Via: Inhabitat