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Tour an iconic Palm Springs home, the Loewy House, in 3D

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Albert Frey’s home for designer Raymond Loewy was a streamlined symbol of Midcentury style

The Raymond Loewy Home designed by Albert Frey
The centerpiece of the Albert Frey-designed Loewy home was the illuminated pool.

Industrial designer Raymond Loewy was one of the founders of the modern age, a skilled creative whose work spanned industries (from locomotives to the silhouette of the Coca-Cola bottle) and showcased a streamlined aesthetic inseparable from midcentury modern living. It makes sense that this Palm Springs retreat created for him by architect Albert Frey, initially meant as a bachelor pad when conceived and built in the late ‘40s, would showcase the same beautiful simplicity as Loewy’s work.

A curved glass pavilion set amid the desert landscape, the home features a large illuminated pool which extended into the living room, making it a great setting for cocktail parties. Minimal to the extreme, the $60,000 residence fit the owner’s aesthetic and lifestyle. At the time, Frey’s stylish design sat across from a home Richard Neutra had designed for Edgar Kaufmann, a famous patron of Frank Lloyd Wright. This tour offers an undisturbed look at its original layout (it’s since been renovated and redesigned by subsequent owners).

Swiss-born architect Frey, one of the founding fathers of Palm Springs modernism, had briefly worked for Le Corbusier early on in his career before moving to the United States and eventually falling in love with the California landscape. He created a series of iconic buildings in the area, such as the Tramway Gas Station, as well as a small home for himself on the summit of Mount San Jacinto.

Loewy House images
Loewy House Images
Raymond Loewy, left
Loewy House Images

This virtual tour was created by Archilogic, a firm that specializes in creating 3D models for architecture and real estate, and allows users to upload floor plans and create their own virtual tours. Check out their tours of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright projects, including the Ralph Jester House and the Dr. Hugh Pratt Home. Recently, Archilogic officially released, which allows users to create their own virtual tours by signing up here.