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Shiny ‘self-balancing egg’ is the decor piece you didn’t know you needed

There’s more than meets the eye

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All images via Kickstarter

You know those Kickstarter projects that look utterly ridiculous until you press play on the promo video? And then everything makes sense? The “EverStand self-balancing egg” from London-based product designer Kristoph Krisjans is one of those projects.

From just the photos, you’d get the idea that someone’s trying to raise over $12,000 for some shiny eggs that can stand on their own—great. But watch the video and, well, prepare to be mesmerized by shiny eggs that wobble but never fall. (Plenty of folks seem to have fallen under their spell, as the campaign has already surpassed its goal with 16 days to go.)

The eggs, which have a mirror-clear surface and weighted base, are made from titanium, copper, brass, or aluminum using literally cutting-edge and incredibly precise CNC machines. That process itself is deeply satisfying (pay attention to the 1:00 mark in the video below.)

But there’s more! For a starting price of about $25—a not-too-unreasonable price for a piece of novelty tchotchke—you also get a bit of function. You see, these eggs twist open to reveal a tiny space to keep rings, coins, memory cards, or, per the campaign, “anything that fits.” Small-space storage amirite?