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A bed that makes itself? There’s an app for that

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Because this was clearly a problem that needed solving

bed that makes itself with an app All images via Kickstarter

From crisp sheets to fluffed pillows and hospital corners, there’s just something satisfying about a well-made bed. But not everyone has the mental and physical energy to take thirty seconds to pull up a blanket. Enter Smartduvet, an almost comically complicated solution for those who appreciate a made-up bed but aren’t willing to actually move their bodies to make it happen.

The bed-making mechanism is a lattice-shaped balloon that attaches on top of the duvet but within the duvet cover. When inflated via a compressor sitting beneath the bed, the balloon expands and unfurls itself, transforming a messy duvet cover into one spread elegantly above sheets and pillow—if it’s properly aligned, of course.

Knobby clips let users secure the bottom of the duvet cover in place at the foot of the fitted sheet. Clips at the head of the cover attach to the top sheet so it isn’t left a crumpled ball beneath the inflated duvet balloon. However, this action seems to negate the usefulness of having a separate top sheet at all.

The accompanying app lets users remotely schedule a time for the bed to make itself, probably so they don’t have to watch and be reminded of the fact that they paid upwards of $269 for this thing.

Via: New Atlas, Kickstarter