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This swan ladle and tilting wine holder will never fall down

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Are tilting, perpetually upright objects having a moment?

Kitchen counter with pot of soup with a ladle shaped like a swan floating on the surface, and another ladle balancing on the counter.
Make your soup (and table) Swanky!
Photos courtesy of Ototo Design

Are tilting, perpetually upright objects having a moment? Probably not. But if this ingenious swan ladle, or this less-cool but still kind of interesting wine bottle holder is any indication, then there just may be enough to make a trend out of it.

Swanky is a swan-shaped ladle that floats upright in a pot of soup, or balances on a table top. Designed by Tel Aviv-based studio Ototo Design, it is meant to be both functional, whimsical, and, of course, a conversation-starting objet. Available in black, white, or pink BPA-free plastic and steel, Swanky, currently raising funds on Kickstarter, will cost around $17. Ototo is also behind Nessie, a ladle shaped like—you guessed it— the Loch Ness monster.

Now for something a little bit classier—and much more expensive: the 3D-printed porcelain Canon Wine Tilt designed by Brad Asclon for OTHR, a design collective of sorts. Featuring a 45-degree-angled cylinder meant to provide better aeration for an open bottle of wine and a horizontal tunnel that can contain a standard corkscrew and conceal a cork and foil, the holder adds a little intrigue to an otherwise staid tablescape—if, that is, you’ve got $550 to spare.

Photos via Design Milk

Via: My Modern Met, Design Milk