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Dreamy ‘70s beach house takes advantage of rainforest views

It’s amazing what you can do with slats and a few extra windows

wooden beach house looks out to rainforest All photos by Jared Fowler via Inhabitat

Timber-slatted homes are all the rage right now. The thin wooden pieces are relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly while supplying ample privacy from prying eyes or a simple refresh of a tired facade. Obscuring a less-than-lovely exterior was one of the main reasons Teeland Architects selected slats for the revamp of this dreamy beach house in Noosa, Australia.

Originally built in the 1970s, the home had been covered with dark and dated brown brick. The structure also backs onto a lush national park—a subtropical rainforest, in fact—but the building’s rear wall was entirely devoid of windows. So while located in a cove along Australia’s Sunshine Coast, the interior felt starved for light.

wooden beach house

Teeland got to work, punching new windows in the rear facade, while adding wood-paneled light wells to bring some sunshine indoors. The brick exterior was first covered in a cement treatment and then obscured by a gorgeous slatted screen made of stained hardwood. Subtly evoking the vertical tree trunks of the adjacent forest, the screen looks modern and elegant while also shielding east-facing windows from harsh morning rays.

Bathrooms were designed to be semi-outdoors, taking advantage of the beauty and privacy of the rainforest beyond.

Via: Inhabitat, Architect Magazine