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These sustainable prefab homes are meant to last

Ecospace Studios designs homes, schools, studios, and more

Exterior shot of small wood-clad prefab house with large sliding glass doors and an asymmetrical roof.
Ecospace’s buildings are reconfigurable—and stylish.
Photos by Ben Benoliel via Designboom

Ecospace Studios was founded by Lee Town, Amira Idris-Town, and Matthew Kettle—who also head up IPT Architects in London—as a response to the pressing environmental, economic, and space issues affecting the world today. The result is a series of sustainable and affordable pre-fabricated, modular buildings that can be put together in as little time as five days.

Ecospace has designed everything from compact dwellings, to holiday homes, studios, and even schools. The team’s latest project is this prefab house, which showcases the home’s configurability as well as its aesthetic possibilities.

Clad in light timber both inside and out, the home features large sliding glass windows in the spacious living room with enough space for a dining area, a small office alcove that is adjacent to a kitchen, a loft above that, and a bedroom on the other side of the house.

All Ecospaces are constructed off-site using natural, sustainable materials that are meant to last—for up to 60 years—and can be customized with a number of options including underfloor heating, solar panels, living roofs, wind turbines, and wood-burning stoves. The company also makes it easy for the purchaser by negotiating permits and handling other regulations with the appropriate local officials. Prices start at £9,950, or about $12,500. Take a look.

Via: Designboom