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This Dutch Pedestrian Tunnel Is Uncommonly Pleasant

When you picture a pedestrian underpass, you probably imagine a dirty, dingy, under-lit tunnel with puddles of unidentified murky liquid sitting around and rats scurrying in and out of the walls and a guy just standing there, leaning against a wall, and it's like, what's the deal with that guy? Why is he hanging out in a gross tunnel? Does he have a reason for being here? Does he not have a reason for being here? Which one would theoretically be worse—having a reason or not having a reason? Because neither option is good...

Anyway, this pedestrian underpass isn't like that, because this pedestrian underpass (designed in Amsterdam by architects Benthem Crouwel) is actually nice. It's kind of weird!

· From The Dutch, A Pedestrian Underpass You'll Actually Want To Walk Through [Co. Design]