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New Cannabis and Coffee Shop Sprouts Up in Toronto Alley

While cannabis sales have risen across this country, under a cloud (no pun intended) of controversy, for various reasons, as legislation restricting its possession and use have fallen in some U.S. states. Alongside these legal changes, a niche design typology has, ahem, sprouted up: the high-design marijuana dispensary. The latest example of such a project is Tokyo Smoke Found, a combined coffee, tea, and clothing shop in Toronto, designed by local firm Steven Fong Architect, and slotted into an alley between two converted warehouses.

While the shop doesn't yet offer recreational cannabis itself, pending legalization efforts beyond medical marijuana use in Canada, you can still get your kicks from coffee, tea, and "cannabis paraphernalia."

For added whimsy inside the shop, an 80-square-foot shipping container accommodates the espresso bar in the 330-square-foot space, which is one-part traditional coffee shop and one-part pop-up sidewalk café. A mix of salvaged materials—garage flood lights as overhead illumination; propane tanks transformed into pendant lamps—and new ones, like Eames chairs and Tolix stools, contribute to an aesthetic that bridges old and new.

The scheme doesn't make giant strides in coffee shop design, but instead aims to accomplish the perhaps more difficult task of creating a familiar space to buy and consume coffee and, eventually, marijuana edibles.

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