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Fully Loaded Adventure Van Lives Up to Its Name

Photos via Outside Van

Outdoor lovers looking to up your adventure game take note: converted Class B vans are taking the mountains by storm. We've documented the rise in the #AdventureVan lifestyle before, but now the Class B craze has gone mainstream. Airstream's new "Touring Coach" looks nothing like your grandfather's RV and van conversion companies like Outside Van and Sportsmobile have months-long waiting lists (believe us, we checked). Why all the brouhaha? Adventure vans are better equipped to get you where you want to be (they climb mountain passes like a boss), haul all the gear you need, and still provide a comfortable base for camping and outdoor play. Take the Space Mountain van, a converted Mercedes Sprinter 170". Outside Van installed a pull out fridge, sink, eating area, table, and a soft garage wall to separate the cabin from the cargo area. The dinette benches pull out to form a 74-inch bed and the captain's chairs swivel to create more seating. And just in case you can't leave home without your favorite movies, there's even a TV. Not bad for roughin' it.

Watch the video:

*Note: each van is custom built so prices vary.

· Outside Van [Official Site]