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Save Your Winter Skin With RESCUE Skin Products

Like our sister sites over at Racked, Curbed Ski has entered the gear review game. Each week we'll be bringing you an "Editor's Pick," a go-to ski item that we just can't live without. Have an item you want us to check out? Drop us a line, here.

It's mid-February, which means at this point in the ski season your skin has taken a beating. Ski town life can be hard on the body, so take a cue from the pros and check out RESCUE Skin products. We've been using the serum and moisturizer combo for a while now, and it's a sure-fire way to combat the problems of sun and cold exposure. We especially love the moisturizer, as the creamy formula provides a boost to our skin after high-alpine adventures. Both are available in recyclable, one-use packets that are perfect for traveling or stashing in a ski jacket. Check it all out, this way.