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Microwaves in Kitchens: Where's the Best Place to Put Them?

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A gorgeous kitchen renovation over on Design Sponge got us thinking: Is there an art (or science) to microwave placement? As you can see in the photo above, the microwave there is tucked nicely beneath the counters, making way for a very clean, polished kitchen when viewed from normal height. Often recommended as a great alternate location for a microwave, the rather popular under-counter move is not without its cons, however.

For people who use the microwave a lot, crouching down every time to fetch the food, especially when stored in heavier containers, is not the least bit ergonomic. And then there's the worry about kid-proofing the whole setup. With that said, pros and cons really can be argued for every option, whether it'd be on the counter (easy access but kind of an eyesore), hidden in a drawer (sleek but likely more expensive to build and maintain), or over the stove (efficient but not the most beauteous).

Writing as a short person, the over-the-stove or even over-the-refrigerator options are definitely no-go's. And frankly, if one is fine with single use appliance filling the counters, what's a microwave (assuming space permits)?

When it comes to microwave placement, what do you hold paramount: space-efficiency, elegant aesthetics, or just plain convenience? Have you found a way the triple-threat sweet spot? Sound off in the comments below.

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