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Famous '70s Arizona House Offers Desert Oasis for $2.6M

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Location: Tucson, Arizona
Price: $2,595,000

Noted American architect Judith Chafee, the first woman from Arizona to be named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), specialized in residential design combining modern touches with more traditional desert styles. Now, the most well known of the bunch, the 1975-built Ramada House in the Sonoran Desert, has come on the market for $2.6M. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the roughly 3,800-square-foot residence is distinguished by the large wooden ramada it's named after, which serves to both shade the house and generate a ventilating breeze -- in his book Modern Architecture Since 1900, English critic William J.R. Curtis praised Chafee for sensing that the building needed a "big hat in the desert."

Full of striking windows framing views of the Catalina Mountains, city lights, and desert landscape, deserts, and city, the four-bedroom home is fully integrated into its surroundings. There are also two fireplaces, an updated kitchen, built-in bar and desks,, as well as access to expansive patios and a large pool (thank goodness.)

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