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Foster and Partners Designed These Sleek, Mod Dining Chairs

Architect-designed furniture has a long and many-layered history: From Le Corbusier's steel-frame LC2 chair to Mies van der Rohe's now-classic Barcelona leather daybeds, renowned architects have further strengthened their brands by applying their signature aesthetic to sofas, lounge chairs, tableware, and more.

Now, London firm Foster+Partners, among others, has unveiled a collection of upholstered dining chairs created in collaboration with German furnishings company Walter Knoll. The chairs, dubbed Foster 325, rest on panels rather than traditional legs, giving them a uniquely two-dimensional profile. Other items in the Walter Knoll collection, which was introduced at last month's IMM Colonge furniture fair, include chairs by Turkish designer Sadi Ozis, and lounge chairs and sofas from Austrian industrial furniture company EOOS.

Read more over at Dezeen.

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