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Snag a Gorgeous Landmark Victorian Mansion in Chicago

This beautiful Victorian on Hermitage is not just another historic home, this is one a city-sanctioned landmark. Known as the Dr. Wallace C. Abbott House, the home was designed by architects Rudolph Dahlgren and Oscar Lievendahl and constructed in 1891. An addition was later added in 1906. The Abbott name be familiar to those in the medical field, as Dr. Abbott was the founder of the pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories.

According to the landmark placard that stands in front of the mansion, the company, which currently employs about 73,000 people worldwide, was started in the Ravenswood neighborhood back in 1888. The house itself has a distinctive Queen Anne look and feel, but there have been many updates done to it. Many of the home's original architectural details have been preserved, however, it's certainly a livable and functional home.

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