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Funny or Die's Donald Trump Movie: 5 Things It Got Right

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Funny or Die's surprise Donald Trump movie—starring a totally gonzo Johnny Depp as the blustering presidential hopeful—is how factually accurate it is. The hourlong webisode is presented as a cheesy TV movie adaptation of Trump's 1987 book The Art of the Deal, with the Donald offering ridiculous platitudes (Get the Word Out! Fight Back!) interspersed with flashbacks to some of his biggest—excuse us, yugest—deals. It's a delightful time capsule (Alf and Spuds McKenzie show up, and Kenny Loggins wrote the theme song) with a great cast (Henry Winkler, Alfred Molina, Kristen Schaal, etc. etc.), but what really makes the whole thing work is that Trump's real life shenanigans are so ridiculous that they make for some really good comedy. We went through and fact-checked some of the New York real estate deals that get the fictional treatment—here are five of those, explained.

Here's what the movie got right >>