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3 Decor Tips From SNL Comedian Leslie Jones's Spiffy Apartment Makeover

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Leslie Jones is on a roll: on top of a promotion to the main cast of Saturday Night Live and scoring a starring role in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, the comedian now also has a fabulously revamped NYC apartment to go home to. Like many of us, Jones felt like she was running out of space. Her Harlem apartment was just an overwhelming jumble of stuff, and finding a bigger pad seemed like the only way to go. That is, until Jones got some decor help from West Elm, whose home stylist Johanna Mele gave her an apartment makeover that made the place way more efficient and also totally her style. Read on for a few fast, easy fixes.



1. Remember the gallery wall—This is an easy way to freshen up whatever artworks you already have spread about and create an illusion of order in your space.

2. Find the perfect piece of space-saving wizardry for you—Whether it'd be a transforming table (like Jone's convertible coffee table) or a multi-functional nightstand, a piece of ingenious space-saving furniture has serious practical use and cool factor. We have some ideas right this way.

3. Balance the open and the closed—In other words, incorporate both spaces for displaying gorgeous trinkets and black holes where junk you're not ready to deal with just yet can go to disappear (Jones's new media console does just that.) We all need a break sometimes.

Watch Jones talk about the makeover in this video:

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