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Ask Flipped: I Just Fell in Love With Plaid Wallpaper, and Now I'm Going to Leave My Husband

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Welcome back to Ask Flipped, where we answer very real questions from readers who are having problems with home decor, design, or anything else. Do you have a question? Write it on a post-it note and throw it into a strong gust of wind. If it was meant to be, we will find the post-it and answer the question.

Dear Flipped,

I just redid my foyer and used a beautiful navy blue nautical-themed plaid wallpaper, and I am in love with it. The wallpaper has awoken something inside of me that has lain dormant for decades, if it ever even existed in the first place. It has changed my entire world. I'm not sure how I can go on—in fact, I'm sure I can't. I am going to leave my husband of 34 years, buy up seven rolls of plaid wallpaper, and move into a motel while I figure out my next move. Am I making a big mistake? You can try to talk me out of this, but it's not going to work.

I'm Alive!

Smitten in San Diego

Dear Smitten,

I would never dream of telling a reader to do anything other than follow his or her heart. Your heart yearns for plaid wallpaper. That is your cross to bear, and plaid wallpaper is a notoriously fickle and unreliable partner, but it's not my place to judge.

I want to tell you a story—the story of a young, up-and-coming home decor advice columnist, living an unfulfilled life with a spouse and three young children in Akron, Ohio. This columnist bought an antique bureau one Sunday at a yard sale and—you guessed it—fell in love. Fast forward 11 years and I'm still living with the bureau in a crappy studio apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio. I haven't spoke to my former family once in the intervening years, and I've never regretted it for one second. This bureau is great! So versatile!

Hope that helps,