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Weird Kickstarters of the Week: Digital Middle Finger, Wall Pocket, and More

Some Kickstarter campaigns become very successful. Some are, perhaps, ahead of their time. Each week, we bring you three design-related Kickstarter campaigns that are not yet fully funded, for reasons that may or may not become apparent.

Have you ever wanted to store things on your wall? Things like umbrellas, two books, or baguettes? Oh, also, are you allergic to shelves? Then consider Niche, which is basically a doubled-over piece of felt that you tack onto a wall. It is about a third of a way to its modest $2,250 goal, and it's not at all impossible to imagine it getting there, or even to imagine this becoming an actual thing.

The Gryp Keychain is a keychain that is designed to double as a cover for your fingers so that when you open doors you never have to touch the door handle. Because of germs. This seems...a little intense. Not to brag, but we've been touching door handles for quite a while now and we're doing okay. (Unless you count the dozens of infectious diseases we're battling simultaneously.)

A Boston man invented this "digital finger" after a customer cursed at him while he was working at a call center. Now he only needs $200,000 in order to put it on "various media such as t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers etc." If you have any reservations, please be aware that "There would be no major risks."