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Modern House in California Gets Breezy, Wood-Clad Extension

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Lest the Australians have all the fun with innovative, flat-out covetable home extensions and additions, Schwartz and Architecture recently added onto this lovely circa-1999 house by Min | Day and Burks Toma Architects. Cladding it in wood charred using the Japanese technique best known as shou sugi ban, Schwartz and Architecture created the two-story addition to accommodate an open-plan living room and kitchen on the first floor and an upper-level master suite and additional bedroom.

Broad glass windows on both stories look out over a deck, swimming pool, and fire pit, as well as allowing views inside from the backyard. Inside, simple finishes, like wood-paneled custom shelves and an discreet enclosure for the television, plus dark floors and whitewashed walls, lend the interiors a typically breezy, California vibe. We dig it.

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