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This Smartphone Robot Rolls Around and Has a Creepy Little Face

Obviously it was only matter of time before we anthropomorphized our smartphone, and so, meet Robit, which is being billed by its creators as an extension of your phone. This little guy is equipped with wheels so that he can scoot around your house, performing tasks such as "finding lost items via object tracking," "notifying you at work when your kids enter home from school," "scanning food and nutrition labels to maintain a good diet," and "guarding a sofa from cats and dogs." (We would genuinely like to see how it accomplishes that last one.) But most importantly, it has a creepy little expressionless face, so that there is never even the slightest inkling of a doubt that it is watching you, always watching, watching and waiting...
· What If Your iPhone Had Wheels and a Head? [PSFK]