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Rad Renovation Melds Victorian Home and Modern Addition

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When it comes to innovative home extensions, projects that meld distinct architectural styles on the front and back are some of the most intriguing. Hailing from the Melbourne suburb of Malvern, this renovation completed by Aussie firm Robson Rak Architects does just that, carefully stitching a series of glazed modern spaces (comprising a living area, kitchen, pantry, and laundry facility) to the rear of the weary Victorian-era house.

The transition between the two parts appears seamless thanks to a few thoughtful maneuvers. The new dark oak planks serving as flooring in the older portion becomes wall cladding in the modern addition. And through the gorgeous arched doorways in the front of the house, one can see right through to the new brick fireplace in the addition, a material nod to the home's original brick facade.

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