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Modernist Concrete Hotel Welcomes Visitors to Japan's Tropical Escape

Chichijima Island is a tropical Japanese escape few know about, and with a small population of 2,000 and a remote location—the ferry ride from Tokyo to this remote territory takes 25 hours—even fewer have seen in person. Which is a shame, since its bright waters, inviting beaches, and well-designed Pat Inn, a new concrete-wrapped series of guest rooms designed by Kichi Architectural Design, seem like an ideal setup for a relaxing vacation. The cool, crisp exterior of the modernist hotel makes way for an equally minimalist interior, which includes a stripped-down restaurant and traditional tatami rooms. Owned by the great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Savory, an American and one of the first people to call this outcropping in the Pacific home in 1830, the hotel even offers a bit of a history lesson on this quixotic and quaint island.

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