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Futuristic House Frames Knockout Alp Views in Italy

It's all about the view at this dramatic, angular house in the Italian Alps designed by Camillo Botticini Architetto. Simply called the "Alps Villa," the 3,875-square-foot (360 square meter) residence—which is clad in pre-rusted corrugated copper and Accoya wood slats—privileges southern views out into a valley on one side. The mountains to the north are also visible in the distance.

The house, with its three-winged, C-shaped plan, was built partially into its sloped site, helping maximize views and make the futuristic dwelling appear part of its natural environment, like some rocky outcropping. Visitors approach the house through an oxidized-copper-and-wood gatehouse and up a set of metal steps.

For their part, the interiors aren't slouching, either. Gorgeous whitewashed spaces make the most of the house's unconventional form—its angular rooms are all open-plan, allowing the homeowners some freedom when it comes to setting up their space.

The house isn't all looks and no substance: It keeps its energy-use low via geothermal power, natural ventilation, and well-insulated building materials.

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