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Posh Desert Estate of Mega-Mogul Jerry Weintraub Asks $16M

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A post, six-bedroom home designed for late movie mogul and entertainment legend Jerry Weintraub just hit the market in Palm Desert, California, on Friday, and befitting Weintraub's run of hits, it's a blockbuster. His career spanned decades of music and movie trends; he was the producer of Ocean's 11, 12, and 13, Robert Altman's Nashville, and the Karate Kid series, as well as a concert business innovator who began as a manager for John Denver and later served as a tour manager for Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin. Weintraub commissioned architect Guy Dreier to design a grandiose home overlooking the desert landscape (and Tom Fazio-designed golf course) 15 miles east of Palm Springs. The result, a 9,152-square-foot home sheathed in panther slate meant to recall the nearby granite mountains, features a series of dramatic overhangs, a cantilevered bedroom, and a living room that opens onto the large pool. Along with an office, gym, and steam room, the elevated property includes great views of the Coachella Valley as well as some exotic amenities. The home's custom pub, designed to resemble London's famous Claridge's Bar, nicknamed "Ocean's Bar," includes a game table, onyx accents, a tin ceiling and six flat-screen televisions. If those massive televisions aren't enough, an adjoining media room also includes theatre chairs and another half-dozen big screens.

The home also boasts a handful of showy tech features that some future owner will clearly use in an attempt to exude some Danny Ocean-style suaveness. A curved glass wall opens onto the patio with the push of a button, and the glass walls in the master bedroom, which hang over the pool, also slide open automatically. Considering Weintraub's legacy, it's perhaps surprising he didn't have an even more grandiose home. It's also pretty likely that bar was the scene of some pretty epic storytelling sessions.

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