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Swiss Alps Resort Features Bucky Fuller Looks, Modern Comforts

Though winter in the northeast seems as good a time as any to turn one's attention to warm-weather retreats, some people venture out joyfully into snow, seeking phenomenal skiing and cozy times. In the Swiss Alps, fifteen Buckminster Fuller-style "eco-luxury pods" have taken up residence, part of the Whitepod Hotel at the base of the Dents-du-Midi mountains.

Each domed "pod" is rather spacious, with a bed, armchair, desk, television, and en-suite, plywood-lined bathroom. There are also 5 "family pods" on site with lofted sleeping spaces for up to two kids. A central, gabled lodge houses the communal kitchen and dining facilities. If, even after all this, winter still isn't your thing, the resort is in fact open in the summer months, too.

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