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Barbie's Dreamhouse Is Now a Voice-Activated Smart Home, Because Of Course It Is

Barbie has always been on the cutting edge of new interior design trends—it is thanks to her, after all, that we all have bright pink toasters in our kitchens and bright pink canopies over our bright pink beds—so it stands to reason that Barbie's Dreamhouse has now adopted the most recent trend that is definitely going to become a Real Thing and not go away almost as soon as you realized it was here: voice activated smart home commands. Barbie's landlords will now be able to control her elevator, turn on the lights, turn on the oven, or have the house go into "party mode," which makes the chandeliers spin and makes the stairs turn into a slide. Actually, that last one is something we hope does become a real thing.

· Barbie's Dreamhouse is now a full-on smart home, complete with Wi-Fi [Mashable]